[TV] Survivor: Edge of Extinction

(Richard) #1

I just realized I haven’t been doing my weekly discussion of Survivor, eek!!

I think I missed the first episode of this season, and it hasn’t really been that interesting to me so far. The 4 returning players I was not really a fan of, so they haven’t helped, and the new person I liked the most (Chris) just got voted out. The stupid girl who wants to save the chickens (Wendy?) is interesting but nowhere near as compelling as previous seasons’ psychopaths or villains. She’s just stupid lol.

Of course the most interesting thing about this season is the “Edge of Extinction” so-called twist. But thus far it’s been nothing more than a side annoyance. I mean, who is NOT going to at least go take a look at what’s going on with the option to get back in the game? It’s really been very stupid so far, particularly since it was the same tribe who keeps losing people to it. I’m hoping that however it is the player(s) get back in the game will be much more interesting/exciting, because otherwise it’s going to be a big bust.


Yeah, this season hasn’t clicked for me yet either. Chicken lady is a mess. Her rationale for not wanting them to kill and eat one is completely nonsensical.

It’s probably going to take me another few episodes before I feel engaged. The edge of extinction island seems pretty innocuous so far. Just a bunch of crying people who felt disrespected. I guess the payoff is the look on everyone’s faces when whoever from that reject group comes back into the main game.

(Richard) #3

Still waiting to find someone solid to root for. Half of the people in last night’s episode I didn’t even recognize. Maybe they are going to be the finalists?

This is turning out to be a big dud of a season for me. Hopefully it will pick up in the merge. Next week’s comeback could be interesting, but I’m pretty sure every time they’ve brought someone back in the past that person just became an easy first vote. I realize it’s being done differently this time so maybe that will help. I do wonder if the people who were voted out got to keep all their goodies, like does Aubrey still have a HII AND the second vote? Cuz that would be pretty cool for her if she can make it.

I have really vague impressions of the contestants. I know the 5 winning tribe has Joe on it, and that’s about all I remember. Then the super losing tribe has Wentworth and David, Loraine (the pukey girl) and War “I throw like a 5 year old girl” Dog. Then there’s the tribe in the middle with the 2 shirtless guys and I think the redhead girl?

Not impressed with anyone really. Sad to say the only person I remember well this season is the crazy green haired freak Wendy along with her stupid chickens.


Lol, I bet before the season started, Wardog practiced all the requisite Survivor activities, like swimming, climbing, balance, etc., but it sure as hell didn’t look like he spent much time throwing things. Good lord, a four year old throws better than him.

I really cannot stand Wendy. All the emotional angst over killing chickens for food but when she got voted out, she made a point to say that she was looking forward to eating a burger, FROM A COW THAT GOT SLAUGHTERED FOR MEAT. Argh!

Yeah, this season has been a dud so far. At least we know that Joe is still a challenge stud.

(Richard) #5

So last night FINALLY the edge of extinction came into play. Jeff tries to sell it as an “iconic” moment. But to me it felt a little like a clusterf- variation of what they’d already done in previous seasons with exile island or whatever it was. We get the merge, and then the edgers compete for a spot, so really that’s all it was? No… not quite, the losers are given a sad speech and then… they find out they get another chance to come back! WTF lol. And then… before you know it, they are also part of the jury!!! I almost felt like they were just coming up with ideas on the fly.

I don’t know if it’s just the cast or whether they lost time spent filming on Extinction, but there were literally 4 or 5 people in the merge I was completely unfamiliar with. I guess they were all part of the power tribe that was winning challenges using Joe, but didn’t make enough impact.

The start of the merge is a bit dull but finally it clicks in someone’s head to get rid of Joe. At one point one of the unknown ladies is like “it’s too soon” and I was like what the heck are you waiting for, an invitation??? Everyone knows he can win challenges so he is always a big risk factor. But they seem intent on taking out the guy who just came back in (which is what happened in Exile IIRC) or then they shift to Wentworth, everyone’s favorite goto target. But finally one of the idiots decides to go for Joe, and lo and behold they actually did it!!! Kudos!!! You eliminated the biggest challenge threat in the game. But wait, no you didn’t because he is going to the island and will likely be back when he beats the other losers there at some point in the future.

I really don’t think the edge of extinction idea was properly vetted or thought out, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out by the end of the season.


Pretty much agree with everything you said.

The whole edge of extinction thing is so contrived and poorly thought out it feels like a tacked on gimmick. They sent all these people out to an island to basically wait and then brought them back in a completely anti-climatic “oh by the way” manner. It was really bizarre. Also, two people from that group just up and quit with pretty much no explanation. What happened? They got tired of everything? It made no sense and they seemed to have been quick edited out of the game. Again, really bizarre.

Is it just me or is the merged group larger than it’s ever been in past seasons? It feels that way because most of the women and a few of the men are not memorable in any way. I couldn’t even remember their names. Usually by the merge you have a really good idea of each person’s standing in the game and you can recall their individual personalities. Not this group. This really feels like a season where as viewers, we’re just passing time until the group gets down to a more manageable and memorable group. I don’t really care about most of them at this point.

I’m still trying to understand why David got some votes at tribal because in the scenes leading up to it, they only showed discussion about voting for Kelly or Joe. So when David got some votes I was like, WTF? Kelly must have known something that was edited out because I was certain she was going to have to play her immunity idol to save herself, but she didn’t.

I’m not really feeling this season at all. There’s going to have to be one hell of a back end to this season to really hold my interest because all these people suck.

(Richard) #7

Yeah - I honestly think the producers of whoever didn’t think any of this through well or make the proper adjustments. The people eliminated early inherently get a little more footage early on. But now they are lingering and taking up more time, which means even less time for some of the “main” players. So as you said I also have no idea who about half of the players are or what their names or personalities are. When that old dude showed up and started acting like he was in charge, I was totally like who the f are you lol?

I think David got votes because there was one set of people who were told they were going to split votes between David and Glasses in case of idols. Someone mentioned something about that earlier.

I totally lost track of who was in what voting group, so I also thought Kelly should have played her idol. I just read an interview with Glasses and I still don’t understand any of it lol. I guess these people just haven’t warranted much interest.

(Richard) #8

…and finally a blindside we can (kind of) enjoy! The good news is someone I recognize got blindsided. The bad news is I didn’t recognize half the people that did it lol. And again the editing was deliberately skewed to confuse/surprise us. Seemed like no way should Kelly take the risk of not playing her idol but she seemed pretty confident. I guess they cut a convo or two when they locked it down, also that they were going for Eric instead of that dildo Ron.

This cast continues to disappoint and still there are people that I don’t recognize or remember from week to week, which really is a major flaw. I can’t recall another season where it got this far and I didn’t recognize people or have at least some notion of what they are about. I hate when they keep talking about their tribes like I should know who was on which tribe.

Let’s see who I can remember off the top of my head:

Fainting girl (Aurora?)
Redhead Girl (Victoria?)
Mustache kid
Dildo Ron
Glasses (Devins)
Annoying lady who won immunity
whoever she beat (I don’t remember at all, another lady)
Oh, wardog! I had to cheat and look above

I think there should be 11 or 12 so I’m still missing a few. That’s pretty sad given that I don’t really know much about even the ones I mentioned.


Not going to lie. This season has been a total slog to get through. On top of the fact that I can’t remember the names of most of the remaining players, the group as a whole is just boring. No big personalities. No true villains. They’re all so generic. I just don’t care about any of them. The edge of extinction thing is a gimmick that has not really added much of anything. How is it that much different than exile island? I’m ready to move on to the next season. One thing they really made a mistake with is merging the tribes so early. There’s way too many people in the game for it to go to the individual phase. If the edge of extinction thing was the big draw this season, what they really should have done is run a parallel competition among the extinction members to eliminate people at the same time as the regular group. Maybe that would make the huge group more manageable and memorable. I still feel like the game isn’t going to get interesting until they get under 10 people left in the game.


Last night’s tribal council was the most LOL worthy tribal ever. This season is so bad these idiots couldn’t get their plan together beforehand and resorted to random group-speak DURING tribal. And all because what’s her name soccer mom was crying like an unhinged psycho because she wasn’t in on anyone’s plan. Boo freaking hoo. Welcome to the game bitch. Ugh. They should have voted her out just to put her out of her misery.

In the the end they voted out someone named Julia because…who knows why. Maybe because she shot her mouth off at tribal? Couldn’t really tell and don’t really care because I don’t know who she was. Meanwhile, dad bod fancies himself a power player a mere two episodes after he won the right to return from the edge of extinction group. Now he’s annoying. He and his bro David played their two piece idol for nothing, which pretty much sums up their game.

Ugh, this season really really sucks. I’ll watch it through just so I know who wins in the end but good god, this has been one of the weakest seasons of Survivor in the last 10 seasons or so.

Well, at least Amazing Race returns next Wednesday.

(Richard) #11

Ha! Jimmy you pretty much summed up all my thoughts on last night’s ep. What an epic clusterf-

I hope the producers realize how bad this season is and don’t think this is something exciting they want to recreate. What a horrible batch of players, I don’t even know how to describe them. It’s just a matter of figuring out who is least annoying. That one lady’s voice (soccer mom?) is so grating it makes me want to rip my ears out. I don’t know why that one chick who got voted out started being such a bitch to people, maybe she was just as annoyed with the horrible cast she was stuck with.

Sadly the biggest thrill in last night’s ep was the softcore porn of that one guy fishing for the manta ray.

(Richard) #12

Another Wednesday night, another sad episode from this season. I can barely remember what happened. I vaguely recall a boring blindside, oh yeah… Kelly FINALLY got knocked out with her idol in hand. She really survived so many times when her name had come up, so it’s hard to say whether that was a big blunder or not.

But before that, they took out David, right? So bye bye to the returning players. (BTW I heard a rumor about an All Winners Survivor coming up, which I had been asking for a while, that could be pretty cool. Mixing just a few returners doesn’t seem like it works great, but I could be forgetting.) His argument to stay sounded good but I don’t think really made much sense at all.

These remaining players are all annoying in one way or another. I guess if I had to choose someone to root for I’d go with that mustache kid. But really I just want this season to end lol.


An all winner season would be interesting. At least it would be nothing but expert power players so we wouldn’t have to waste time watching anonymous morons bumbling their way through.

David’s speech a tribal arguing about how the vote should go was actually right on, but of course why would this cast of drooling imbeciles actually do the smart thing? Now it’s set up for annoying alpha male Wardog to get to the finale. I swear, people who talk about themselves in the third person should be punched.

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Kelly got voted out holding an idol. She’s so smug about herself it’s nauseating.

There is one player I can see getting to the end but screwing himself in the end. Ron, the wishy washy limp fish, is playing the classic strategy of riding everyone else’s coattails to the end only to have no chance whatsoever of winning because everyone sees that he has no game. Him and his main ally, what’s her name with the red curly hair. She too is playing the same strategy but since I can’t even recall her name, she’s even worse off.

Now that we’re in the phase where there is a jury, the edge of extinction gimmick seems even more stupid. Instead of the eliminated players waiting their time at the ponderosa ranch eating well and hanging out, they’ve basically put them on an island and have them indirectly affect the game in minor ways. Whoop di doo. As a gimmick, it’s pretty damn lame.

The most telling thing about the season so far is that there’s been a bunch of blindsides at tribal, but none of them have any impact or entertaining value because we don’t care about any of them. Someone gets blindsided, and I’m like “so what?”.

This season cannot end soon enough.

(Richard) #14

Hell yes! I wish they would just do a 2 hour quickie finale next week, it’s just such a dull and whiny cast of characters. I can’t believe I’m actually rooting for (in a I really don’t care way) Devins. Mainly because he’s chubby and sometimes will say something funny. I still don’t know the difference between Lauren and Aurora(?) and maybe one other whiny woman (not sure). I hate WarPussy; why on earth would he put himself out there with such a nickname when he is about as coordinated and athletic as a 3-legged drunken goat? And wtf was up with the Devins/WarPussy mud rubbing stuff, that was weird. Maybe I missed something.

I can’t see this season redeeming itself in any way shape or form. All the remaining players are annoying. Now let’s just say you like one of the people stuck on the island like that bitter old wench. If she were to somehow get back in the game it would seem kind of like a slap in the face to everyone else. And would anyone seriously give her any jury votes?

Oh well, it’s times like these I wish I drank more alcohol.


OMG, thank god Wardouche got voted out because he was SO damn obnoxious and full of himself this episode. I was like Kelly, savoring the moment when he was blindsided. Just a supremely annoying personality and about as smart as a coconut.

Man that old witch in the extinction group has been bitter all damn season. Another distasteful personality that makes this season as dumpster fire. I honestly don’t care who wins. I kind of want one of the exiled returning players to win it all just as a middle finger to the rest of the lame asses fumbling their way to the end. I would be happy to see Kelly or Joe win. Less so for David and nerdy girl but still more palatable than any of the others. The others better start paying attention and plan to vote out Devins now because he is starting to separate himself from the pack with his social game, and now his challenge performance. I don’t see Aurora staying around much longer. She is such a challenge beast that the others have to be spooked by that. Then again, they’re all maybe a bit too stupid to do anything about that.

Anyhow, on with the grind!

(Richard) #16

Finally a fun episode where we get some much needed comeuppance!

First half was a bit dull with the loved ones. The only surprising moment for me was when Ron’s husband came out. I had no idea he was gay so I guess my gaydar has gone faulty, or maybe I really just didn’t give a crap at all. Husband seemed way too young and goodlooking for Ron, but whatever lol. The important part was all the gloating he was doing, which pretty much was a telegraphed notice that he was done.

The good thing about the episode was that it was edited in a way where it was unclear at first how he would learn his lesson; it just kind of unfolded as he got more and more overconfident. I still think it’s funny how many of the self-described “superfans” let themselves get so overconfident, when every season there are multiple people who get taken out at the moment they are full of themselves. The whole thing with the expired advantage was really pretty obnoxious and he was just asking to get bitch slapped down.

It was fun to see all the celebration and laughter on the jury side, although I have to admit I didn’t even know who half the people were. One of the ladies did some weird dance and I was like uhhh, who dat?


LOL, I’m not gay and it was pretty obvious to me that Ron was gay. :stuck_out_tongue:

A good indicator to me of how bad this season has become is that normally during the family reunions, I feel the emotions sometimes, but this season, I felt nothing when this collection of idiots started blubbering over seeing their loved ones. Ron’s husband is a pretty good looking guy though.

The way Devins was prancing around and talking so smug, ugh, that fool needs to go. He’s becoming invincible in his mind, and that is a classic Survivor mistake. Once you get too comfortable with your situation, that’s when you get your ass voted out. I await that inevitable move, assuming the rest of the island idiots see that too.

(Richard) #18

LOL, yeah I totally agree, usually something in the family reunions will make me feel a spark of something, even for people I didn’t like. But this time I really felt nothing as well, which is a good indicator.

Sorry Jimmy, looks like your Devins wish wasn’t answered yet. The problem is the rest of the idiots were just so damn vocal about being against him, it galvanized him to be more aggressive looking for idols and playing hard. Whether he is really good or lucky to be chosen as the producers’ favorite, it’s hard to tell. But for whatever reason he is looking like this season’s best player, not that that’s saying much. Then again, I’m not sure why he didn’t plot to get rid of one of the “big 3” instead of Aurora, who really had no chance of winning. Why not take out Mustache Man or one of the other chicks?

It’s also unclear to me as to how the final returnee works. It looks like a simple challenge and they get instant final 4 (or 5?) That seems a bit unfair to those who had to win challenges and build alliances and survive blindsides, but oh well. It would be kind of hilarious if that bitter wench won and somehow made it to the final 3.

Oh well, I’m thankful next week is the finale and we can move on lol.


God, I really hate Devins now. He is so smug about his game now and is letting everyone know it. Can’t stand him. Unfortunately, the way this season is going, he’s going to win easily. Everyone else is so colossally stupid it’s mindblowing. They all fell for Devins’ fake out with the idol and looked stupid for it.

So, the Extinction group all just hang around as the jury and then do one winner take all challenge at the very end to re-enter the game? What a stupid game mechanic, although I kind of hope that whoever wins that and gets back into the game will win the whole thing just to show how contrived and amazingly lame this season has been.

(Richard) #20

Congratulations, we made it!!!

The finale almost (well not really but as much as possible) made up for a lackluster season with a nice bang up conclusion. Working within the confines of recent inane rule changes and the new “edge of extinction” island, it was about as good a finale as was possible. Devins had the game all but locked up, especially after finding yet another hidden immunity idol (producer’s favorite anyone?), winning immunity AND fooling the others with not one but two fake idols. Everything was pretty much wrapped up except for one little problem.

Chris, who was probably my early favorite, comes back and pulls off a crazy crazy steal. I don’t know how he managed to persuade both Devins, but especially the other chick, to help him get to the final 4. I must have missed a key conversation or something??? Either way, he crawls his way into the final 4, wins the challenge and then in a bold but calculated move, gives it up to make fire against Devins - given this recent rule change the only way to knock him out properly. Fantastic for TV, even though in hindsight it seems almost obvious given his confidence at making fire.

This sets up a unique final 3. A pure goat, a semi-goat who never received a single vote, and a player who barely played the “real” Survivor game but won his way back in. So exactly what Jimmy proposed happens. And Wardog of all people makes the key point, “it’s not the game rules on trial” - though perhaps it should be. Even though Chris made some bold moves and critical wins, the fact is he didn’t have to play the true Survivor game for around 90% of the time. All the backstabs, the hidden idols, the politics, he was shielded from. But by grace of winning a single challenge, he’s allowed back in and then with a few clever moves he steals the whole game. As much as I agreed he should win given the context of this inane ruleset, I also don’t blame the other kid for appearing sour, or Devens for sounding somewhat bitter.

This season was pretty much a slow train wreck in the making. Without the producers intervening and some luck, it could have been even worse, so they were lucky to pull a decent finale with some genuine surprises out of their asses.