Trailer Catch-All

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Put movie, TV shows, or whatever medium trailers here.

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I almost hate to lead with this since the movie looks like it will suck but.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer 2

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Head banging to the ocean!


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Detective Pikachu #2

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I think it looks fun. My son who is 12 is currently popooing Pokemon in favor of Magic but I think that is all about wanting to appear grown up.

I love Pokemon

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Hellboy (2019 Movie) New Trailer “Red Band”

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Shazam trailer 2

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Game of Thrones | Season 8 |

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Why the f didn’t they make this their first trailer?

Dark Phoenix International Trailer #1

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Brightburn - Trailer #2


In theaters now, as I saw it this afternoon. Highly recommended if you’re a space cadet like me.

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Disney’s Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!
*meh. Doesn’t look bad, doesn’t look great. Makes me wonder why I shouldn’t just rewatch the original instead of paying to see it.


It’s admittedly a much better trailer than the teaser where the focus seemed to be on the reveal of Will Smith’s genie. The blue CGI’d version of him seems to now be only an homage rather a straight up take on it that doesn’t seem to be his dominant form. So, I think there’s still hope it could be good. The one thing I dislike though are the hip-hop styled riffs on the original music.

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

*So I believe that all hairstyles were killed in the snap because…well those are some ugly haircuts

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Long Shot (2019 Movie) New Trailer – Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron

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Toy Story 4
*seems like more of the same…not a bad formula but I don’t need to rush out to see it.

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


I’m not watching the trailer. I know I will be seeing the film.

It amuses my wife when we go to theaters, as I will put my head down for trailers for films that I’m looking forward to. The latest was my refusal to watch the latest Dark Phoenix trailer.