The All New, All Different Gaming Trend Forum!

(Ron Burke) #1

Hello everyone,

Recently, you likely noticed that and her forum took a substantial amount of downtime. Without going into a great amount of detail, our dedicated server took a supposed double hardware failure on our RAID1 drive array, and our hosting provider was little to no help in recovering our data. We enlisted some outside help and were able to recover the years of work we’ve put into our front page. While we may have rolled a 20 for that recovery, we unfortunately rolled a 1 on the forums. It’s a tremendous blow, but unfortunately the database for the forum data is unrecoverable despite over a weeks worth of earnest attempts.

On the topic of the forum, we moved from PhpBB to a software called Vanilla. Vanilla was supposed to bring the tight integration that we wanted to use to to unify two heretofore disconnected aspects of the site. Unfortunately, Vanilla couldn’t deliver on those promises, and the atrophy of the forums has continued.

While we may have lost the data in the old forums, we have another shot at properly integrating the front page and forums, and we believe we’ve found the right solution. While it does mean starting over, our new hosted software exists entirely in the cloud. It has every feature we wanted from the Vanilla forum software, but it layers in with our front page. Comments on the front page, as well as content on the front page are now fully integrated. What looks, on the surface, like a reset, is also an opportunity to rebuild it exactly the way we wanted it to work. This is our chance to rebuild our community. The new forum software has a lot of things folks have requested (such as a dark theme option), and a lot of great features that we are sure you’ll love (groups, better tagging, ability to make a post a wiki that is editable by everyone, and more).

But what about the front page? Well, there is no longer a “front page” and “forum”; divide. Beyond those semantics, by the time you read this, the “front page” will also be moved into the cloud. No longer will it reside on a single server. It has been moved into a grid of servers. Having worked for the company it is hosted on, I can tell you that the architecture is now three sets of load balancers with sixteen servers underneath that are then replicated WORLDWIDE, serving our content and forums to wherever YOU are. It is also backed up, and those backups are also distributed across multiple data centers We will never have downtime like what we’ve experienced in this last outage, and the site will be faster and more responsive than it ever has been. Buckle up folks…welcome to the next step for GamingTrend.

Ron Burke
Editor in Chief

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(Mike Dunn) #2

And welcome to all the @OctopusOverlords folks! Feel free to kick the tires a bit!

(Ron Burke) #3

Very much this! You might check out the dark theme. I know I like it. :heart_eyes: Welcome @OctopusOverlords folks, and welcome back to previous GT’ers. All one big happy family now.

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(Ron Burke) pinned #4

I’m glad the place is back up though I’m sad at the loss of content. I usually just lurk around here and OO(and GG before them) and will probably still just do that, but I am definitely glad the place is back. Thanks for all the hard work.

(Ron Burke) #6

I’m sad at the loss of content.

Oh man…I am absolutely heartbroken. My only option at this point seems to be paying a data recovery company to try to scrape the db from the busted drives. We had backups…but our host didn’t tell us until AFTER the crash that they were only backing up about 25% of the site, and that we needed to pay for an upgraded package. Needless to say, we are looking forward to putting them in the rear view mirror.

(Michael J.) #7

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Good luck, were all counting on you :wink:

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(Farley2k) #8

I had some funny stuff in some of those threads!!! :slight_smile:

Now I guess you will be subject to my posting anything I find amusing - even if it is a repost because you can’t prove it.


(Ron Burke) #9

The good news is that the new forum software supports uploading natively. You can bring the funny FASTER!


So I take it that a consequence of the great forum self destruction is that we all had to re-register our user names?

(Mike Dunn) #11

There is literally not a thing left from the forum.


Wow, well that kinda blows. At least the new forum engine is a LOT nicer.


Looking good! Going to take a little while to get used to, but I like what I’m seeing so far. Really like how the reply box stays while scrolling which can be handy for reference.


Hmmm, I have a new issue now. When I try to go to, I get a “403 Forbidden” error page.

(Mike Dunn) #15

We are migrating it to a new host, should be back in a few, gotta settle the ssl cert

(Mike Dunn) #16

If we hadn’t already started evaluating this software, the forum might have just stayed dead. Now, I’m more excited about the forum than I think I ever have been!


Ok, maybe it’s a little freaky and a little cool at the same time, but we can see who’s currently replying and have the forum automatically refresh as it’s posted. :smiley:

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(Mike Dunn) #18

Front of the site should be fine now, thanks all!

(Chris) #19

Cool new digs and I’m so glad we’re back up and running. That said, I’m just crushed that everything has disappeared. So much gaming history for all of us just disappears into the ether. I know it’s not you guys fault at all, but man, that really hurts.

(In case anyone didn’t know, this is Gratch. Got tired of different names at OO and GT, figures it was time to consolidate. :slight_smile: )


Howdy from OO!

And ok, I guess I need 20 characters (or I am 20 characters?)