Sweet freedom! New job

After four very abusive years with the City of Fort Worth, I find myself with a new opportunity that looks like it could be my forever home. I can’t say who, but it’s nice to be working with professionals again. Meeting my team, they are all seasoned veterans, my boss (and his boss) both seem like normal well adjusted people, and I hear the same feedback from folks who have worked for them for almost a decade. It’s encouraging. Just wanted to share a happy update. :smiley:

Conga rats! Sounds excellent.

Great news! I hope it is great. No one deserves a horrible workplace.


Just curious, why can’t you say who you are working for? If you can’t say, that’s fine, I just couldn’t think of any reason off the top of my head. Like even if it was some top secret govt thing you could just say some top secret govt thing lol.

Winner winner classified dinner. :smiley:


Congrats Ron! Great to hear.

it Russia right?

This post must be 20 characters. WHATEVER

If they make you use a codename, don’t use Knightshade. Everyone knows that’s you. :smiley:


Well it sounds like the work place at the city was hell.

Second whistleblower suit filed against city, this time by former Fort Worth IT director

You’ve joined the MiB? :satellite::milky_way:


Fired Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city, alleging that a confrontation in Washington, D.C., was orchestrated by union presidents and also criticizing the mayor’s five-person security team.

Similar to the two IT employees’ claims, Fitzgerald alleges he was fired by the city because he was investigating and had reported ongoing violations of federal regulations governing access to CJIS — a federally maintained centralized database that law enforcement agencies use to share data and information.

The lawsuit claims Kevin Gunn, the acting chief financial officer for the city, and Roger Wright, the acting chief technology officer, had misled Fitzgerald, the city and the Texas Department of Public Safety when they claimed the city had resolved all pending CJIS compliance issues.

It also claims city officials intentionally destroyed documents required to be maintained for public access.

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What a shit show. Was Ron caught up in all that?

Yes, he’s one of the people suing

Guess I should have read the article first :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been keeping my head down. Yeah, this is a real mess and it’s about to get worse. Tonight the Mayor is being served my lawsuit directly. That should wake some people up. The lawsuit is 104 pages in length, so it’s not like I’m making this stuff up…I came with evidence. Here’s to hoping people do the right thing. And if not, here’s to hoping that the three lawsuits they now have to contend with forces them to do the right thing.

On a more positive note, life at this new company is pretty amazing. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff I didn’t know existed (and summarily can’t talk about) and it has been incredibly rewarding. There is a culture of accountability that runs deep, and it’s not just for show. People take ethics seriously. It’s a breath of fresh air. I should be able to start getting in here more often, and my reviews shouldn’t be so sporadic. It’s good to be in a better place…that was a deep hole to dig out of.

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We’re rooting for you!

No matter how dark things get, it will always get better in the end. Good for you, man.

A judge has placed a temporary restraining order on the city of Fort Worth for 14 days, which means the city cannot hire a new police chief for 14 days. The hearing will resume on Thursday, August 1.


The fight between the city of Fort Worth and Former Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald continues. Dallas Judge Gena Slaughter denied the city’s first appeal, ordering city officials to be deposed produce records that were allegedly altered or deleted regarding Fitzgerald’s termination. The city says this includes written and digital documents, emails and text messages for over 7,000 employees and is now appealing this request, again. calling it an “unprecedented fishing expedition.”