Sweet freedom! New job

(Ron Burke) #1

After four very abusive years with the City of Fort Worth, I find myself with a new opportunity that looks like it could be my forever home. I can’t say who, but it’s nice to be working with professionals again. Meeting my team, they are all seasoned veterans, my boss (and his boss) both seem like normal well adjusted people, and I hear the same feedback from folks who have worked for them for almost a decade. It’s encouraging. Just wanted to share a happy update. :smiley:


Conga rats! Sounds excellent.

(Farley2k) #3

Great news! I hope it is great. No one deserves a horrible workplace.

(Richard) #4


Just curious, why can’t you say who you are working for? If you can’t say, that’s fine, I just couldn’t think of any reason off the top of my head. Like even if it was some top secret govt thing you could just say some top secret govt thing lol.

(Ron Burke) #5

Winner winner classified dinner. :smiley:

(Richard) #6


(Chris) #7

Congrats Ron! Great to hear.


it Russia right?

This post must be 20 characters. WHATEVER

(Jason B Price) #9

If they make you use a codename, don’t use Knightshade. Everyone knows that’s you. :smiley: