So I went and relocated to South Carolina

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I’ve been sort of off the radar for a while and missing my gaming community. For the last two years or so, My Fair Lady and I have been in a state of flux because we couldn’t decide whether to stay in Texas for the long term or move elsewhere, even out of state. Last fall we were looking at homes all over the DFW area and after a series of long talks, decided we were done with Texas. While we both liked the Southwest, neither of us wanted to move to Arizona or (shudder) New Mexico. Screw the north. That left the Southeast and we loved Charleston.

So we looked at the Carolinas and figured the Charlotte region would be the place to be, especially if I was able to transfer my job. Turns out I was and last May I started flying back and forth every week. My Fair Lady had located a place right across the border in SC for us and in July we all moved out here into a rental to get the lay of the land. I was sad to see Texas in the rearview, but it was long past time to leave. Settling in was shockingly fast, the people are friendly, the climate is great, and the job was solid if unremarkable. We started house hunting in the fall and over Christmas found one.

We finished moving in the weekend of the 15th.

MFL: “Are we doing anything for Valentine’s?”
Me: “Moving into a new house. Romance can wait.”

After a great deal of stress and unpacking, we’re finally settled here and thus far love it. We’ve made a ton of friends already, the school is great for the boys, and I finally have a proper office setup.

Major downside is there is no good Tex-Mex anywhere except in Raleigh (two hours north) or Atlanta (3.5 hrs south). But we’re two hours south of the mountains for skiing and two and a half hours north of the beach, so somehow we’ll learn to cope.

If anyone here is in the region let me know as good people are always nice to meet in person.


Hey! What’s wrong with New Mexico?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear the BBQ in the Carolinas is excellent, so there is that. I think the only thing that might be a concern for you is that you are in hurricane country.

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To borrow a line: “Of the two Carolinas, South Carolina is definitely… one of them.”

Seriously, though: contrats on the successful move and good luck in the new home!

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Thus far the BBQ is, in fact, top notch. By and large they use pork over brisket like in Texas, which I’m fine with. I like good BBQ sausage though and that’s harder to come by.

My mother was worried about hurricanes when we left and I said not to worry about it. Then we got hit by two of them. Go figure.


My parents retired to Panama City a couple years back. While it could have been a lot worse, they are still dealing with the after effects of Michael after four and a half months.

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I had to spend some time driving through both North and South Carolina a few years back for a client of ours. I was really impressed by the almost symmetrical spacing of Arby’s, gun shops and baptist churches along the highways. I assumed the latter was there for the guilt one derived from the other two.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, do you like curly fries?


I’m pretty sure the seasoning has onion in it. The only way they could make it worse is if they added powdered almond.

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Heresy! The onion is the Cadillac of flavoring!


Yeah. A Cadillac Cimmeron.

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Pumpkin spice.