Smooth Sound — Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

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The Mixcder E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are excellent both wired and wireless. The active noise cancelling is always an appreciated feature and it works well here. The built-in microphone is average, but that isn’t really the point of these headphones. These are the perfect headphones if you are looking for something to take on the go with no wires involved.

Speaking of taking on the go, these headphones are certainly not something you will be embarrassed wearing in public. They are pure black with a slim design that looks great. I’m certainly not embarrassed to put these on in the gym to listen to music or podcasts. While they do look good, I wish they felt better. They seem durable, but they have this cheap, plastic feel to them that is a little disappointing.

These headphones not only look good, but they sound good. Since these are clearly designed with music first in mind, it does a great job on the heavy bass. The mids and highs are not as good, but they come through fine. Music from Eminem to Grandson and everything in-between and it sounded good. Everything came through clean and the bass didn’t overpower everything. I also didn’t notice any audio quality loss when using them wirelessly. ou can get them for around $55, and these headphones are a great proposition for the price.

The Mixcder E7 certainly doesn’t compare to the HyperX series when it comes to comfort, but they aren’t bad either. All they really have is some padding on the headband. It certainly wasn’t uncomfortable to wear during short bursts at the gym, but it isn’t something I would wear for long gaming sessions. You always feel like you are wearing headphones with these. For the price though, it isn’t bad at all.

The active noise canceling works very well in the Mixcder E7. I definitely noticed a difference while shooting hoops in the gym. It was far easier to block out all the extra noise and enjoy my music. While it does work good, I really appreciate the ability to turn noise canceling on and off. The noise canceling has a very slight buzz to it that is imperceptible when used in an actual noisy area, but is noticeable when just chilling at home. All the buttons, power, volume, and noise canceling are all easily found on the ear cups so they are all easy to find and use.

The Mixcder E7 are far from the best headphones I’ve ever used. The audio quality is just good not great, they aren’t terrible to wear but could be more comfortable, but the active noise canceling does work pretty good. I also enjoy some of the small touches like being able to rotate the cups 180 degrees and the fact that it comes with a carrying case. I do wish it had a collapsible design to make them easier to pack for travel.

The Mixcder E7 are good headphones for the price. If you go to loud places like a train or the gym and want some cheap, active noise canceling, you can’t go wrong with these. For the price, you get good audio quality, decent comfort, and active noise canceling. While nothing here is great, nothing here is terrible either.