Post a picture, entertain me!

Please feel free to post anything funny in image form in this thread - but nothing violating the CoC and try to be respectful. It should be a fun place, not a thread you are afraid to open because of what you might find.

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I hear you…let’s do this. (and yes, you can multi-select pictures and upload them in one shot instead of just doing them one at a time…)

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Well, this is a picture of our camping trailer taken a few days ago. The snow has practically devoured it due to the last several days of back-to-back snow storms.

This a 13 foot trailer for anyone wondering.

Very well, then.

HARD PASS. Not just no but hell no.


Yep, I fully agree with you @Knightshade. We’re so ready to be done with snow at this point, and spring can’t come any sooner. We’ve had quite a deluge over the past several weeks. To top that off, we got a new vehicle about a month ago and we haven’t had a chance to put snow tires on yet and have gotten stuck several times over the last month. Snow tires are a necessity around here.

I was stationed in Montana for a few years. I’m not looking to move back to the lands of ice and snow. shiver

Another 4-7 inches coming for us tonight!

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This is the most amazing icicle I’ve seen. Complete from top to bottom. It’s like our own personal frozen waterfall.


Nice. :sunglasses:

The first winter after a hailstorm destroyed our roof, we found out the contractor had done a crap job of replacing some of the gutters. It resulted in melt water running down parts of the house where it wasn’t meant to then refreezing overnight, resulting in some outrageous icicles. Wonder if I still have some pics of them somewhere? :thinking: