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Opinions on Spoilers?

So I came across an interesting post from Square Enix:

I was wondering what y’all thought about spoilers, and when is it okay to publicly state them. Personally, I don’t mind them as long as it’s not super early (e.g. Infinity War/Endgame memes literally the same day of release). I also think it’s important to spoil preceding episodes/works when doing a current review (e.g. When I do manga or comic reviews of a series on this site, I’ll have to put spoiler tags and talk about the consequences of the previous volume/issue).

Personally I hate things being spoiled for me, so obviously I really hate spoilers in general. I usually do whatever I can to avoid them for things I really care about. But I also realize we live in a world where information travels so fast and in so many mediums, it’s unrealistic to think you can fully avoid them unless you just put your head in the sand and hide away completely from the world.

We have to recognize often times people aren’t purposely being rude or insensitive, it’s just by virtue of living our normal lives and having a normal day we either get spoilered or may spoil something for someone else. I think we should all do our best to be sensitive to our friends and responsible to the people we interact with online, but on the flip side there has to be some limit to it, because in some ways I feel like it’s gotten out of hand and has become kind of unnatural and unpleasant.

A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant and I made a joke about something that happened in an episode of Game of Thrones, and literally from across the room a girl comes over to my table and asks “can you please not talk about it, I haven’t seen the second half yet.” Now I was happy to oblige and I felt a little bad, but it also felt a bit inane that I couldn’t have a conversation with my friends about the show. Another example, recently in a forum post I made an offhand, what I felt was very vague joke about something that happened in one show in a thread about a different one. And shockingly I got a personal message chastising me about that. At first I was annoyed and was going to respond, but then I decided it just wasn’t worth it. But that really just made me feel like the whole “avoid spoiler” culture may have become too extreme.

I’m thinking anything after 6 months is OK. I’m on a forum where they use a similar rule for discussing TV and movies. I feel it’s rude to think everyone has seen something day-of. It doesn’t take into account those who still want to see it but don’t sub to a particular service and are waiting to see it either on disc or iTunes. I have a friend who I was discussing GoT’s final season with, and he hadn’t seen it. He was waiting for it to appear on iTunes, and fortunately it appeared a week later when earlier seasons were available only months later. Case in point, I think people have very valid reasons for waiting and I don’t think not wanting anything spoiled is unreasonable.

The 6 month timeframe seems fair. But I also don’t care that much. Some people really seem to care far more deeply than I do.

Well, the other thing is that I think those who haven’t caught up yet often still like to discuss things without fear of getting spoiled. Otherwise it effectively shuts anyone out that isn’t caught up even if they’d like to have some sort of discussion. It’s also difficult if it’s a series ongoing from week to week because you don’t know when discussion of an episode begins and ends and there’s no real way to know for sure on a forum. It’s fun to be part of the buzz, but not so much fun when one feels like they’re the last person on earth to be discussing something when everyone else has but moved on.

I feel there are certain degrees of tolerance. Big franchises like SW, I don’t like being spoiled on, whereas something I take less importance on I might not care to be spoiled on. It all just depends on how much we’re invested in these things.

I think that it should be common courtesy. A cool forum feature (in general) would be where spoiler tags automatically get removed after a certain period of time, as I think that’d be a win/win.