My wife is launching a Kickstarter

My wife is doing a Kickstarter to fund her research about Francis Perkins. She is a fascinating woman and it does seem like people should know more about her. Perkins, not my wife…well she is fascinating too but you keep your slimy mits off knowing more about her… :slight_smile:

[quote]Why Now?

The practical reason:

2020 is the 85th anniversary of Social Security, so it’s an especially good time to publish a book about Frances. A new one-hour documentary, Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare, just had its world premiere in Minneapolis. It’s showing this fall on the East Coast and next March on PBS (times and locations in the link). It’s fabulous, and everyone should see it.

But there’s room for something more, a novel that brings to life Frances and all of the rich characters who fought for the passage of Social Security, as well as Frances’s hidden personal struggles to care for her family.

The sort of spooky, maybe-the-universe -or Frances-wants-this reason:

I decided about three months ago that this would be my next writing project, and began the research and writing. I do this for an hour a day, because I have a day job and a family.

But then, as I’d been anticipating for years, I got laid off. And so, thanks to the unemployment insurance Frances gave us, I have the gift of time. I can spend much of the next couple of months on this while I’m looking for another job, and get it finished quickly.[/quote]

A question after the initial post - how do people advertise Kickstarters? We both posted on our Facebook pages, and I wrote on the stall in my workplace bathroom but other than that I really don’t have a clue how to get the word out.

I figure no one will want to fund the whole thing but many people might be interested enough to give a buck. But that means lots of eyes have to see it. How does that happen in this Internet age?

If it were me, I’d contact every living Secretary of Labor to get a quote on Perkins. Then, I’d try the same with every Feminist organization and labor union. I’d combine all the quotes with with a brief introduction including the Kickstarter link into a press release. Email blast that out to every blog, press website, podcast and labor/feminist organization website you can find. Even better if you can tie that release to some significant date in the history of Perkins, the labor movement or Social Security that fits in your Kickstarter window.

Everyone likes an easy cut and paste story. Good luck.