Let's talk about Anthem

(Ron Burke) #1

I’m working on a review but I see a few of you guys also jumping into the game already via EA’s Premier shindig. I’m enjoying the game overall, but I’ve gotta say that there are some really rough edges. I know there is a “Day 1” patch coming on the 22nd for launch, so I’m trying to reserve judgment.

I do know one thing for absolute sure…put this game on the fastest hard drive you own. My wife is playing on my beefed up rig, and I was playing on my OriginPC laptop. I had the game on my mechanical drive and the load times were HORRIBLE. I cleared space on my m.2 drive and now I load faster than she does. Did game requirements for hard drives just shift to SSD or m.2?

Oh yeah…and I’m alternating between a Storm and an Interceptor – what are you guys playing or planning on playing? Good team makeup makes good combo effects!

(Michael J.) #2

Good advice. I have it installed on “hybrid” Firecuda drive from Seagate. while not a true SSd it’s about a 25% boost in load times. I am strongly considering moving it my boot drive SSD.

quick combat tip: Do not sit still. It’s easy to fall into this habit from other shooters. don’t just sit there and pound away. This game is all about moving. My Best early move is to jetpack over mobs and land facing their backsides. Using the side burst move to strafe around is key as well. I ma sure i look like a spastic mess hoping and jumping all around but it keeps me alive :slight_smile:

(Mike Dunn) #3

Yeah, I might be out on this one, then. I like my shooters to be a bit more tactical in nature. I dunno

(Michael J.) #4

I suspect most of the “tactics” will be on skills(combos!)/equipment loadouts. Then it’s just about executing that play style. I am curios to try missions on the harder settings. I hope it’s more than just increasing the HP sponginess but I suspect it is not. Oh, and also some mobs have “weak” points but the only one i’ve noticed so far is the big guy with the giant shield. Shoot this one in the back, that one in the face, and that in the knee might be as far as tactics go. I suppose we did kite him around taking turns grabbing aggro while the rest back shot him? :slight_smile:

(Ron Burke) #5

I suspect you are right. I’m working on leveling to try things out. Talking with the team, they were guardedly talking about how this base platform of game will expand drastically once they launch. I’m waiting until a little after the 22nd (the official launch) before I really pass any hard judgment. It’s a little like reviewing an MMO, though – who knows what the game will look like in a year.


My PC is out of commission until at least April. I purchased the EA yearly pass thing, for Madden BFV and Anthem and I can’t even try.

I have all the components, except the CPU. I’m waiting for a friend who has a an inside on getting a great deal, but the CPU is out of stock in their company :frowning: I’m hoping it comes through, otherwise my video card $$$ will have to go towards the rest of the CPU.

Anyways, I’m eager to play. I tried the beta on the ps4 and had a hard time with the controls. I think KB and mouse is gonna be where it’s at for me.


Been playing on the xBox (well, was, until EA Access cut short my 10 hour trial at less than 6 hours. Typical EA.

However, I did really enjoy my time, and it sure does look pretty in 4k!

Pyperkub on xBox

(Craig Hulett) #8

Been seeing reviews like this:
Anthem Could Well Be 2019’s Fallout 76

(Michael J.) #9

I have had a bug free experience in 6 hours of the early start, much unlike Fallout 76. The rest of his complaints are fairly valid. My biggest concern is repetitive action without enough reward. The drops seem hohum though lvl 7 so far and I can’t tell if equipment is moddable. I have yet to craft anything either as without good blueprints it us useless. So far it seems the only way to get them is by doing feats (blech!) and unlocking faction reputation tiers. I’m hoping bosses drop rare ones as well but well see. It seems to need an injection of Borderlands weapon diversity (never played Destiny).

(Brian) #10

To be fair, that’s a “review” of the demo weekend. And while I have no problem pointing out the game’s flaws based on it, the demo was so limited in scope - three missions, five levels, and two of the four Javelin suits - that someone publishing an article offering a sweeping conclusion like that seems a little irresponsible.

  • Ash

(Michael J.) #11

Ok. Hit level 8, bought new Colossus suit and had to craft him gear(only common weapons but made a couple green equipment pieces). Wandered around all the unlocked zones in the Fort and then I went for a couple hours of freeplay. It was a blast as I took my time for a change, explored all a round and took in the atmosphere. Found some hidden chest, an entrance to some ruin that I was “found lacking” to enter and helped some other guys with a world event. It was chill and fairly relaxing unless I felt like engaging the baddies for some pew pew.

I still think the loot system needs a major overhaul and I’m certainly looking forward to the day 1 patch but the setting, flying and shooty bits are pretty damn fun.

(Mike Dunn) #12

Yeah, my first thought after reading that was “Wow, we’d never post that kind of shit here”

(Kay Purcell) #13

It’s so hard for me to forgive bad load times. Seriously, look at what BotW managed on a Switch–that’s got way less horsepower than any other console out there.

(Austin Fern) #14

Anthem was rushed and actually might be the downfall of BioWare. I certainly hope not, but if this game tanks BioWare could be on the way out since Mass Effect Andromeda was a bomb. I’m very curious to see how this turns out.

(Brian) #15

I sadly suspect you might be right. And I have no doubt it was rushed: for years now it has been fairly apparent that EA sets their game release schedule by their corporate earnings calendar, rather than by the state of a game’s development. They always seem to have a big release in February / early March because they want to book sales before the end of the fiscal year, not because their teams are miraculously able to always finish games in February.

Still, that doesn’t mean that it has to be bad, and I certainly hope that it isn’t. BioWare has made some of my all time favourite games. I would hate for a couple of missteps (and ones that I suspected they were shoved by corporate overlords into making) to cost them too dearly.

  • Ash

(Craig Hulett) #16

While I don’t play games of that ilk, I have no desire to see Bioware or the game fail. I did play a bit of the demo weekend release so was interested to see what other people thought. Just was a little surprised and saddened to see that based on that, it was already being compared to a game that has been given away for free by retailers. :frowning_face:

(Michael J.) #17

I’m having a ton of fun with it…shrug. It has it’s issues for sure but the action is solid and I really dig the setting and writing. I am growing emotional attached to a couple NPC’s already. They are quirky, well animated/voiced and believable. I think a bunch of negative reviews are from people rushing through and not really understanding what’s going on. It’s a Bioware game so rushing through to the next action set piece makes it difficult to appreciate what Bioware is great at. Of course, this is exactly why Bioware should not be making a Multiplayer centric Shooter in the first place but here we are. I spent more time last night talking to NPCS, reading lore and tinkering with my builds than playing missions. It was still a good time but how many others are plying it at a leisurely pace?

Perfect example:

I did my first solo/private mission. I explored and took my time. I found some truly epic vistas and found a few hidden things. 3 chest and an overlook thing. Mission took me almost 40 mins and was rewarding and fun. I did another mission grouped after that. It took us 11 minutes and had one decent 5 min action part due to the fact that 2 guys were 3 levels above me and made fights boring as they could AE smash the extra mobs to death. (more players adds more enemies not tougher ones so at lower levels it sucks the challenge right out) Rushing through makes you miss the fun bits imo and as designed now that will be the way it is mostly played. It’s the nature of the genre. That can be fixed by grouping with like minded individuals but that’s not a realistic expectation. Which is a shame because the roses smell pretty good.

(Craig Hulett) #18

Read over on OO that there’s a “Day One” patch now that seems to fix many of the issues people have been finding, including making the load times better.

(Ron Burke) #19

Well, my full review is live. I had a LOT to say about the game, some of it good, some of it bad, but I think a very balanced and fair view. I’d be VERY interested to hear from all of you guys what you think of the game post-launch thus far.

(Brian) #20

Interesting review. Your take certainly sounds more positive than several others that I’ve read over the past few days (never mind the absurd “Fallout 76” comment based on the demo weekend). You hit on many of the same points and criticisms but seemed to come away overall more content with the experience than others.

I have yet to play the game post-launch, so I can’t really answer your question. I might give it a shot this weekend. Your review (among others) gives me the sense that there’s enough value, even despite the repetitions and bugs and UI issues, for the cost of a one-month subscription to Origin Access. I’ll probably set the game to Easy so that I can try to enjoy being a solo badass in the missions and minimize any frustrations / distractions from exploring the lore and characters in Fort Tarsis, which are of much greater interest to me.

The sad thing for me is that I just have no real interest in this business model: I’m too interested in video games in general to want to commit to a single one the way publishers seem utterly fixated on convincing us to. Regardless of whether we’re talking about time or money, I’m just not looking for a game that wants me to commit for the next six months to two years. What I want is a good experience that I can play from start to finish in two weeks to a month, and then be free to move on to the next shiny new thing. Anthem, for me, has to fit in between Civ 6: Gathering Storm and The Division 2, MLB The Show, or whenever Rebel Galaxy Outlaw nebulously releases in “early 2019” (not to mention any of the many unplayed games in my backlog).

So I’m sure that, even if I get and enjoy the game, EA is going to consider a customer like me a failure for this game: I’ll give them CDN$20 to play it for a few weeks and then cancel the subscription and move on. I don’t know how exactly they’re defining success internally but I’m sure it’s not getting non-recurring budget-game-level revenue per user.

  • Ash