Let's discover how this whole "forum" thing works!

(Ron Burke) #1

I figured this would be a good place to put in all the goodies we’ve discovered about this new software. For instance, I figured out that if you highlight something before you reply automatically quotes it for your reply. Neat!


The reply box stays where it is allowing you to scroll the screen, handy for referencing and quoting others!

Also, you can see who’s currently replying to a thread and have new posts automatically refresh the forum page.


Ok, so far my favorite part… The last read line


my next favorite part, the ability to copy and paste an image without having to use a 3rd party hosting company.

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(Craig Hulett) #5

I’m liking the helpful little things that pop up on the side while replying, it just reminded me my profile picture was “just a letter”. lol

Is there a way to “preview” your posts now to check on formatting and such?

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(Craig Hulett) #6

And, of course, right after posting the question I see how it works. Those helpful pop-ups were covering up the very nice instant previews going on over there to the right. :+1:

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The previewing as far as I know is the live-preview on the right of the text box which automatically formats it as to how it will look when posted, which is a very nice slick feature.

And yeah, the board does tend to pop-up with feedback. The whole board seems to like as little duplication as possible, and it will remind you if someone has either posted a similar thread or posted the same link in a thread.

(Craig Hulett) #8

I’ve got a small issue. Under the menu up top it says “Unread (1)” but when I click on it I’m told “there are no unread posts”. Also, can’t seem to find how to “mark all read” or something of that ilk… or is that not a thing needed in this new world??

Of course, again right after I post… “Dismiss new” seems to be what I was looking for. It then gave me a loverly note on what that just did and how I could change that behavior because (I assume) it was the first time I used it. :sunglasses: And I now see the message was actually “no more unread” and it had marked a crazy picture post because I had “Read the topic for more than 4 minutes”. I need to stop asking questions early in the morning, it would seem. :neutral_face:

(Mike Dunn) #9

I’m still discovering stuff. I have a feeling this is going to be the case for some time…


The edit feature is pretty neat. You get to see a side-by-side comparison of original post and modified post, with the latest edit highlighted in green.