Lego The Movie 2


If you enjoyed the first one, you enjoy this one. Just like the original, and Batman Lego Movie, it’s fast paced. More interaction with the “real world” and if you hated the song Everything is Awesome, well… be prepared.

I loved it. Plenty of references us adults will get while the kids are having fun.

(Elisha Deogracias) #2

The first one is one of my top five all-time favorite films (three are animated, haha), and even though the sequel doesn’t reach the same heights as the first, I liked it. The soundtrack is full of ear worms, and Catchy Song, hoo boy.

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(peter) #3

I just love the first one and, hope, that the second one will be better. I watched it during my trip to Italy on Netflix. I needed to use private browser by KeepSolid but it was worth it.