Has anyone here used the HyperX Cloud Alpha s headset before? I just got it and i have a few questions

They sound sort of…flat? Like if sound was 3d, im listening to them in 2d. I dont know much about headphones but do headphones need time to like, grow on me? Is that a headset thing?

Is the 7.1 surround sound actually supposed to sound good? Because it doesnt. In games it sounds plain awful and for music it sounds less awful but still not ideal. What is the point of it?

Is it possible my bass adjustment sliders are broken? I’ve tried them in all 3 positions and i really cant notice a difference at all, which is a bit of a bummer because i like my bass. Is it only a minor change thats barely noticeable or is something wrong?

I really like the weight and feel of these headphones, im just a little bit let down with the sound so far