Forum posts "originally posted" elsewhere

Just wanted to ask a general question about forum posts like this that were “originally published” outside of the forums. Are they basically there to encourage us forum dwellers over to the main area? :thinking: They have the same content as the original but there’s just a picture posted rather than the actual (in this case) interview video. I have to follow the link to the original article to get all of the intended content. Not a complaint and I can see why this would be a purposeful thing, just been curious about it for a while and actually decided to ask this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe @thFOOL can elaborate, but basically these are identical posts from Discourse; not sure if they copy video posts the same way however.

…Though if you wanna head to the main site, it would be cool :wink:

Ok, so it’s a little more than that. Let me explain:

When we post an article on the main site, it generates a forum post here and the thread from the forum post becomes the comments section of the article. The idea is that the content is available in both places and instead of two conversations happening, responses appear in both places and are the same thread.

Of course, this also helps to expose forum members to all the content on the front page. Well, most of the content at least. The reason why the video embed or review scores and such aren’t appearing in the generated forum post is that we still need to adjust the template for the forum post to include those. Hope to get to that eventually.

Ah… thanks for the detailed explanation. Appreciate it. :sunglasses:

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